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Product Company Name Location circa year Notes
Microsoft HoloLens Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA 2014 3D Holograph
Oculus Rift Oculus VR Menlo Park, CA 2014 Used with multple products by manufacturers
Samsung Gear VR Samsung Electronics RIdgefield Park, NJ May require Galaxy Note 4
Myo Thalmic Labs 2013 Muscle Sensing Armband
Alpha Gun Chris Gallizzi/Hyperkin Compatible with Oculus Rift, 3D printed model still in alpha testing. 
Cyberith Virtualizer Cyberith Austria 2014 Plug and Play USB, Omni-Directional Treadmill
Avenger Elite Avenger Advantage, LLC
Delta Six Avenger Advantage, LLC PS3, PS4, XBox One,  Xbox 360, Oculus Rift, PC
STEM System Sixense Full body Moduar movement tracking, Oculus Rift, 
Reactive Grip VR Tactical Haptics Hand movement tracking via grip
Virtuix Omni Virtuix
Dexmo Classic Dexta Robotics Wearable mechanical exoskeleton system
Dexmo F2 Dexta Robotics Wearable mechanical exoskeleton system, Force feedback reaction
Shinra Shinra Technologies Cloud Gaming Technologies
castAR Technical Illusions 3D Holograph
Project Morpheus Sony Computer Entertainment 3/2014 PS3, PS4, Vita VR system, available 2016
Prio VR Pro Yei Technology Full body 17 sensor suit, full body
Prio VR Lite Tei Technology 8 sensor suit, upper body only
Prio VR Core Yei Technology 12 sensor suit, upper and lower body
Glyph Avegant Currently in Alpha, tracks headmovement
HTC Vive VR Valve
Steam VR Valve
Steam Machine Steampowered multiple manufacturers
Birdly Institude of Design Research , Zurich University of the Arts. Personal Flight simulator

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